GENERAL: This class of car has been developed to permit those desiring to try stock car racing to do so at an absolute minimum cost. This is a production division, unless specifically listed below as an allowable modification; you may not change or modify the car or parts in ANYWAY. All IMS general rules apply.

DRIVERS:  Insurance requires that you must be at least 14 years old and have a signed parental waiver on file with the speedway; you will be required to show proof upon registering to race your first time out and a record and copy will be kept on file, if you are caught driving with out a proof on file, the car you are driving will become the property of the speedway and you will be permanently removed from the grounds.

CLAIMS: This is a claimer class. The claim will include the entire car. The claim amount is $300.00 outright by the track.  Refusal of claim will suspend car and driver for four racing programs.

In 2015 the Pure Stock division is going to stay basic. We want cars to be more stock like they were when the class was first started. There was higher car counts and drivers had much more fun back then. We are trying to get back to how it was. Points will not be kept . More novelty races will be run. Rules Will be put in place for repeat winner.
We want this class to be fun and affordable. If you want to spend thousands of dollars on a race car, please see our Turbo Stox rules.

1) Any 4 cylinder car, mini van or station wagon with complete stock body, frame and suspension. No bracing anywhere except inside the drivers compartment if  roll bar equipped. (No rear wheel drives allowed)

2) Dash, interior, steering and pedals must remain stock for that make and  model.
All insulation under the hood must be removed. Items such as carpet and rear seats must be removed.

3) Engine hood and trunk must open for inspection. No latches, hood pins are required.

4) Car horns, radios, speakers and 3rd rear brake light are encouraged to be kept in. Drivers with this equipment working in their car will be rewarded throughout the season.

5) Stock carburetor/fuel injection system for that make and model car.
No turbo powered or all wheel drive cars.

6) Stock transmission, exhaust and unaltered rear end for that make and model.
Must have full exhaust that comes out of the back. 1 7/8 inches max diameter exhaust.
Subject to decibel meter.

7) Battery must remain under hood and be securely fastened.

8) Tire Rules from 2011 will be in place. Please see tire rules on website. No shaving of tires. Minimum tire pressure rule may be put in place. For safety, oversize lug nuts on front tires is required. Please outline tire sizes with a paint marker on each tire.

9) Gas tanks: If stock gas tank is ahead of rear axle it may remain in place. If located behind the rear axle it must be replaced with a fuel cell or boat tank (max 8 gallons). Fuel cell/boat tank must be covered and secured by four metal straps and located in the trunk. No racing gas allowed.

10)  Roll bar and door bars optional, strongly recommended. Single hoop roll bar accepted or two bars from roof to floor allowed. All door bars must remain inside drivers compartment and may attach to bar going from  B-pillar to B-pillar (behind the seat) so that you have something to mount your 5 point harness to. All bars must be a minimum of 1 ½ inch pipe.

11) Driver door must be welded or chained shut. Passenger doors must be chained
shut, and must open if chain is removed.

12) Approved helmets (SA2000 and newer), 5 point harness, window nets, gloves and long sleeves required. Racing seats are allowed. Dated harness is not needed but it MUST be in good shape. Track officials will make the final call. Fire suit is recommended.
NO motorcycle helmets or 2 way radios.

13) All glass except windshield must be removed. Sun roofs must be covered with minimum  1/8” steel plate

14) NO anit-freeze allowed – drain before you reach the speedway

15) Cars must be painted and have easy to read numbers. If scorers can’t read your number, you don’t get scored. Door numbers must be at least 20 inches high in contrasting colors. Roof numbers MUST be 36 inches high.
Numbers can be reserved at the speedway on April 18th and 25th.
Don’t e-mail the track. In order to register for a number the car MUST be at the track.
Drivers that had numbers in 2014 will have until April 25th to keep them.

16) Suspension – Factory springs only. No heating or cutting. Springs will have same number of coils from side to side and must be the same length. This will be checked. If your springs aren’t legal you will not race. No spring spacers or bump stops allowed. No camber allowed. We are trying to go back to a stock class, lets keep it simple.

17) We will make every attempt we can to let you run. New cars will follow these rules. Cars that have raced with us in the past, we will do our best to work you in within our rules with possible penalties.

18)  The pace car will set the course direction on the pace lap so pay attention. Rules will be set in place for repeat winners.
Let’s keep this affordable and fun for everyone.

19) You will be allowed to keep your car in the pits throughout the season. The track is not responsible for your car. If you have a title, bring that and a $50 deposit to the office. When you remove your car at the end of the season your title and deposit will be returned. If you don’t have a title, the deposit is $150 and it will be returned when you remove your car. All cars not removed by October 1st become property of the speedway.

All 4 must be same size - 13, 14, 15" wheels only
No tire larger than a 195, and no smaller than 60 series
380 tread wear or higher, (this is found on sidewall of every tire)
Directionals ARE legal